National Families Week Editorial 2022

National Families Week Editorial 2022 v2

“National Families Week is a time to celebrate with your family, make contact with your extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community. It is a time to celebrate the meaning of family and to make the most of family life.

Let’s take the time to reflect on the critical role that families play in teaching, supporting and nurturing children especially as they grow.” CEO Families Australia.

“This year to reflect on National Families Week, the Thrive Services team is acknowledging the incredible work that families have done to stay connected over the past two years of fires, floods and pandemic” said Karen van Woudenberg, the CEO of Thrive Services. “We celebrate all the families that have stepped up to teach, train, parent, counsel, feed, nurture and support each other in some of the most trying circumstances anyone could be faced with, and you know what??? WE MADE IT OUT THE OTHER END.”

The Thrive team would like to take a moment during Families Week to celebrate and congratulate everyone in the family- the mums, the dads, the aunts and uncles, stepparents, foster parents, grandparents, and significant other adults as well as the kids that make up families in many shapes and sizes across the Blue Mountains. Congratulate them for being there for each other in the best way they could, given the circumstances, and take a collective bow for all they have achieved.

Thrive Services is celebrating Families Week in 2022 with information and giveaways for families at stalls in Katoomba at Junction 142, and Lithgow Valley Plaza on Thursday 19th May 2022.

Thrive Services offers family support, parenting programs, housing support for families, support with fresh food parcels, and bill relief for families experiencing hardship. Call us on 47821555

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